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At Goodnow CPA we specialize in working with individuals and small businesses to meet their financial and business goals. If you have any questions about the services below, please contact us to request a complimentary consultation.




Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a small business, we make certain you comply with the ever changing tax code, while ensuring that you don’t pay any more than required. We strive to make the tax preparation process as painless as possible, utilizing the newest technologies to save you time and money.


For small businesses using Quickbooks, we can help you get your account setup, organized, or manage it for you. We also collaborate with bookkeepers and vetted software services in figuring out the best suited and most cost effective solution to your specific situation.


We strive to be one of your most trusted advisors in all things related to tax and accounting. We are here for you at those times in your life when something unexpected comes up as well as planning for the expected recurrence of your annual tax obligation.